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So I was skimming the October magazines yesterday…

…and I saw that Elle (UK), my favourite fashion magazine, had Kate Hudson on the cover. Sigh.

Kate Hudson was on the December cover last year, and I remember seeing it and thinking “Why is she on the cover?” Yes, she was in Nine, but if they were going to have a cast member from Nine on the cover, I’d much rather Penelope Cruz, or Marion Cotillard.

So even though I am at some point going to buy it, because of loyalty and because there is much more to a magazine like Elle than the covergirl’s article, I am disappointed that she has appeared on the cover twice in one year. I’ve seen Almost Famous-it’s a really great movie and I love it, as I loved her in it-but after that her list of movies has been somewhat vanilla (save for Nine).

I just don’t see the big deal about her.

She’s not a hugely talented actress, unlike, say, Kate Winslet (overrated?) or Ellen Page (underrated?), and I have no interest in her romantic relationship with A-Rod (is that his name? I’m not American-I don’t know). She has yet to truly impress me in the style stakes, and I just generally find her to be a typical Hollywood actress.

I gave her a chance in the December issue last year, and I was bored after the first page.

Other cover stars I would have preferred, who would be appropriate:

  • Daisy Lowe
  • Josephine De La Baume
  • Natalie Portman
  • Ellen Page
  • Penelope Cruz
  • Marion Cotillard

All in all, a bit disappointing for Elle, who usually has fantastic cover stars (perhaps save for Lindsay Lohan and Liv Tyler, who I care about even less than Kate Hudson).